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Find out why a growing number of industry professionals are choosing Genius Feeds for their sports data needs. Exploring the future of sports analytics, we offer not just data, but real-time, precise insights that enhance the sports industry's operations. Discover how our innovative solutions can improve your approach to sports data.

Empowering Your Sports Betting Journey:
Live Feeds, Data Analytics, and API Integration for Every Stage

Transform your platform with deep insights and tailored, scalable solutions that ensure seamless integration and growth. Leverage our dedicated support and innovative tools for a competitive edge in sports betting.

  • Unlock Data Richness: Dive into deep analysis that transforms numbers into narratives, enriching your platform with layers of insight.
  • Tailored for Your Needs: Imagine solutions crafted just for you, where data services mould to your unique requirements, evolving as you grow.
  • Scalable at Heart: As your ambitions soar, our infrastructure expands, seamlessly scaling to meet your burgeoning data needs.
  • Strategic Insights Unleashed: Delve into analytics that deciphers player and game dynamics, offering you a strategic edge in every decision.
  • Integration Made Effortless: Envision seamless API connections that swiftly enhance your platform, making complexity a thing of the past.
  • Partnership in Support: Experience customer support redefined, where every inquiry is met with efficient, dedicated assistance, ensuring your success.

Discover Sports Data Services
To Elevate Your Platform

Elevate your platform with our suite of sports data services, offering real-time odds, engaging live feeds, and insightful widgets. Mitigate risks with proactive tools and craft unique betting experiences, all tailored to your specific needs.

Dynamic Pre-Live Odds

Boost your service with real-time odds and automatic data feeds for smarter betting.

Genius Live Odds Feeds

Captivate bettors with live odds that adapt to your brand. Craft the thrill of the game, tailored to your needs.

Tracker Widget

Transform user experience with a widget that spells clarity. Visualise success with live odds and sharp stats.

Risk Management

Master the art of risk with tools that foresee and fortify. Stay ahead, making risk management proactive.

Bet Builder

Craft bets are as unique as your insights. Fuse events with limitless betting options for a tailored gamble.

Comprehensive Coverage:
Sports & Markets at Your Fingertips








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Horse and Dog Racing Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our world where pre-match odds are more than just figures. We offer over 30,000 events monthly, each powered by deep analytics to give you a competitive edge. Explore our Dynamic Pre-Live Odds page to discover how we can elevate your sports data experience.

At breakneck pace! Our odds are refreshed every minute, capturing the pulse of over 50 sports, ensuring you're always aligned with the latest action. See how our Dynamic Pre-Live Odds can transform your data strategy by visiting our dedicated page.

With lightning speed! Our odds are refreshed once changes happen in a live game, sometimes even 4 updates in a second for a single game. On weekends we are sending around 2000 data per second capturing the pulse of over 50 sports, ensuring you're always aligned with the latest action. Discover the power of our Genius Live Odds Feeds and stay ahead in the game by visiting our product page.

Integration is a breeze. Our API, supporting thousands of events across dozens of sports, is crafted for effortless melding with your system, ensuring a smooth transition.

Our coverage is vast, with over 40,000 live events yearly, spanning global sports. We ensure you have comprehensive access, from popular leagues to niche events.

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